Italian made yarns

All our yarns are made in Italy at an authentic family company in the area of Florence. We consider them a part of our Gloria! Gloria! family. We carry the same values concerning authenticity, excellent know how and experimentation.

Sustainable mohair blend

This yarn contains sustainable mohair, merino and recycled polyamide.

The hairiness of this mohair blend makes the colours come out very strong but still with a soft glow.

Textured twill with comfort stretch

This fabric contains cotton with slight stretch for comfort fit. The main aspect of this fabric is the unique textured look which gives a great colourfull impact.

Pre washed

All our knitwear is pre-washed, it means that all shrinkage is already taken out of the garment so you can easely wash it with maintaining the shape.

Stitches and textures

All our stitches are inspired by traditional techniques with a very contemporary approach, we call it modern craftsmanship. We mix ajour techniques with college inspired stripes. We create patchworks of strong tuck technique textures. We combine thick and thin textures to create high and lows. We knit combination of techniques and strong colours to create lively textures. All our stitches are initially designed on handknit machines which defines our strong identity.


Meet the colours of our new collection. Azure, Apple, Lemon, Orchid, Ivory, and Sky. 

AZURE is the color of the sky on a bright, summer day. Good morning! 

LEMON is a bright pure yellow just like to the color of the fruit. So let’s squeeze every drop out of it. 

ORCHID is a purple shade with a mix of blue, pink and grey tones. It gets its name from the orchid flower of the same color. You can almost smell it. 

GREEN is a vivid yellow-green originally representing the colour of the skin of a Granny Smith apple. Juicy! 

IVORY is formed by mixing white with a tinge of yellow to create a soft, nude shade. Who said soft couldn’t be strong? 

SKY BLUE LIGHT is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth’s atmosphere. 

One thing is certain, they are ready to colour your summer.